What to pack for the Yucatan?


What to pack for the Yucatan?


What should you pack to visit the Yucatan? If you were only going to pack one thing, of course, it would be your passport. But not in your suitcase! Without a passport, it’s impossible to enter Mexico. You should make a copy of your passport (and any other official documents you take with you) and keep it in a safe place in case the passport is stolen.

Keep your money on you, too. Mexico’s currency is the peso, but dollars are also accepted. That being said, if you have dollars, it’s best to exchange them as soon as possible; locals often jack up their prices when they see US currency.

If you’re traveling with medication, take your prescription with you, as the authorities may ask for it. Finally, don’t forget a list of emergency contacts and your reservation information for your hotel and rental car.

As you know, it’s hot in Mexico. So, choose light-colored, lightweight clothing (especially cotton). Shorts and T-shirts should be fine for everyday wear, and bring good walking shoes.
However, don't forget to pack a few slightly more formal outfits, without getting carried away: one or two shirts and pants for men, a few dresses for women. These are always handy for an evening out at a restaurant.
If you visit Mexico in the winter, a sweater or light jacket isn’t a bad idea. Nighttime temperatures aren’t freezing, but it does get noticeably cooler.
Last but not least, pack two swimsuits for the beach. One will dry while you’re wearing the other. In a city like Cancun, it's not unusual to see people strolling around the hotel zone. A pair of flip-flops is a must for your days of sunbathing, beach volleyball, and sipping margaritas under an umbrella.

The rest
To keep yourself entertained, don't forget books, magazines, an MP3 player, a computer, etc., depending on your tastes.
A camera is a welcome addition to the list, but then you’ll need to bring all the necessary equipment: batteries or a charger, the cable, and an adapter so you can plug everything in.

You’re free to add anything else you like, but these really are the essentials for your vacation!