Money-saving tips for Mexico


Money-saving tips for Mexico


Let’s be clear from the beginning: in terms of affordability, Mexico is still an accessible country for visitors. Even in Cancun, a week will certainly cost you less than a weekend in Tokyo. But it’s always a good idea to check things out in advance, so you’re aware of any unexpected expenses you may incur.


 Reserve a taxi

Book your ride from the airport to your hotel before you leave. Not all Mexican airports have a dedicated taxi service, and you run the risk of being picked up by an unlicensed Mexican driver who will try to rip you off (especially if you don’t speak Spanish).


 Hotel fees

Many small hotels will squeeze a few extra pennies out of you on hidden charges, even though these are included in the bill: for the use of their swimming pool or gym, for WiFi or newspapers. You can expect to pay a good twenty dollars on top of the price of the room. By planning your stay in advance, and by consulting the website, which lists hotels and their fees, you'll avoid unwelcome surprises. Note that the major all-inclusive hotel chains don’t use these practices.



Although it’s not necessarily required, tipping is still quite common in Mexico. Since most tourists are Americans, many small restaurants include a “suggested” tip on their bills, of up to 20% of the total price of the meal, which is a typical amount in the US. Don’t let that fool you! Unless the meal was truly exceptional and the server was the best in the world, it’s much more common to tip 10%.

It’s also customary to tip at the gas station. Don’t bother calculating it; it’s more symbolic than anything else. For example, if you filled your tank for 152 pesos, give 160 and tell the employee, “Guarde el cambio” (“Keep the change”).


Departure tax

Mexico levies a departure tax on international flights leaving its territory, which is added to the price of the ticket. It's generally around 15 to 25 dollars, depending on the airport. But don’t worry. 90% of airlines include this tax in the ticket price.


See you soon for more tips!