Hotels in Mexico


Hotels in Mexico 


For Mexican hotels, we don’t just talk about stars, but also about diamonds. Hotels can have from one to five. You can also find unrated hotels that offer quality service, but the ones that are rated are reliable. Rather than price, it’s the standard of the hotel that’s rated.

Five-star hotels  are slightly lower in quality, but still very high: for example, bed linen may be less luxurious, or room service may not be available 24 hours a day.

Four-star hotels are less expensive and more basic, but still guarantee the essentials: cleanliness, hot, purified water, and so on. 

Below that, the quality is lower, but cleanliness remains irreproachable: this is essential for even a one-star rating. On the other hand, drinking water may be provided in bottles rather than from the sink.


Hotel chains

While it’s easy to find the best-known international chains in Mexico, here are a few local ones that deserve a mention:

  • Brisas Hotels ( One of the country's most respected chains, its retro look and quality facilities have been attracting jetsetters for years.
  • Fiesta Americana and Fiesta Inn ( This chain, a subsidiary of the Grupo Posadas group, is a leader in affordable accommodation. Fiesta Americana hotels are ideal for beach vacations, while Fiesta Inn is more business oriented.
  • Camino Real Hotels ( The leading hotel chain in Mexico, it operates throughout the country, in seaside resorts, major cities, and even in rural areas. Its bright colors and quality service have made it a success.


Independent hotels and inns

Mexico lends itself well to this type of accommodation, which brings visitors closer to local life in idyllic settings. Most Mexican villages have at least one small hacienda or bungalow complex where visitors can stay. Quality varies, but you can usually find reviews on the Internet.